Paul Haggith


Paul Haggith is a Contemporary Realist painter whose work is based on water, landscape, figurative and cityscape themes. He has also accomplished many murals both in Australia and overseas.

Paul was shortlisted for the 2007 Wynne Prize for Australian Landscape Painting at the Art Gallery Of NSW for his painting "The Rising Tide". Paul was also selected to hang in the 2009 and 2010 Wynne Prizes and the 2014 Sulman prize at the Art Gallery of NSW. 

Although known for his studio paintings, Paul does many Plein air works which are finished in one session, outdoors, from life. Combined with regular life drawing sessions these keep a freshness in his approach to the studio works. 

The most recent exhibition "Into the Sea" was at Gallery One, QLD in March 2017.

"Haggith asks us to contemplate the shapes and coincidences of the compositions as swathes of colour and line and to doubt the veracity of the image-it's here, in their transformation into the remarkable and that the pictures really take off"

Andrew Frost: The Art Life 


Two archival prints "The Wave" and "Rolling Swell", painted on an iPad, are now available in limited editions of 100

Paul has recently completed a mural "First Contact, Tuggerah Lakes" in Lakedge Drive Berkeley Vale.

For further information on the history this mural is based on please go to these links:

Current Exhibition

Gallery One
Into the Sea
18th March 2017- April 5th



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